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Game Changer

Posted by In the News on
Game Changer

Zebrafish Collective will revolutionise the way you buy skincare online

Nowadays, most of us are used to buying our skincare online. It's easy, effective and doesn't involve leaving the house. While it all sounds great in theory (and I've definitely been known to buy a few face masks from the couch), it doesn't always mean we're putting the right things on our faces. That being said, paying hundreds of dollars to see a skin specialist isn't exactly appealing either. So where does that leave us? Thankfully, not in a deep pit of despair, because a new online service has just launched which is going to majorly shake up the skincare game. Enter, zebrafish collective. 

This new brand is an online service designed to take all the guesswork out of high-quality skincare without excluding you from the process. I was lucky enough to trial it out, so if you're keen to learn a little more about who they are and what they offer, you've come to the right place. 

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